Marlboro College Graduate School

Who Studies with MCGS?

“I could never have gotten the job I have now without my experience at Marlboro. The truth is that I learned something valuable in every class I took that makes the crucial difference in the quality of work I am able to do on a daily basis.” -Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology (MAT) Alum.

Teachers. Programmers. Managers, Leaders, Visionaries, Healthcare professionals and those who want to make a difference through Social Responsibility.
Recent college graduates and longtime professionals. Stay-at-home parents wanting to return to the workplace, and skilled on-the-job experts who want a degree to demonstrate their qualifications to their next employer. People who are intrigued or even intimidated by new and emerging technologies. Those who want to mine their personal, their company's, their students', and their employees' potential. Public servants who wish to bring their communities' resources into the twenty-first century; people who want to take their nonprofit organizations forward with technology and responsible management.

Corporate employees seeking promotions, and dreamers who want to strike out on their own. We're proud they're all comfortable here.
Who are they? They're the bright and the motivated, the creative and those willing to work cooperatively. On average, our students bring 5 to 10 years' life experience to our classes, creating a dynamic learning community invigorated with a variety of perspectives.Perhaps you will count yourself among them. If you can imagine yourself in such a strongly diverse and dedicated group, we invite you to get to know us better.

Our alumni are well placed at numerous institutions, which include the following:
LL Bean, IBM, Jet Blue, UPS Global Services, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MIT, Retreat Healthcare, Vermont Technology Partners, Lucidus, The School for International Training, Dennis Yarmouth Regional School District Cape Cod, Community College of Vermont, United Technologies Corporation, Church and Main, Lockheed Martin, Keene State College, C & S Wholesale Grocers, Vermont Life Magazine, Granite State College, Kaplan, Center for Creative Leadership.

What do they do?
Technology Instructor, Project manager, Instructional Designer, Educational Technologist, Global Operations Coordinator, CEO, Telecommunications Business Owner, Technology Consultant, Venture Capitalist, Non-profit Executive Director, Teacher, Instructional Designers, Java Programmer, Network Administrator, Web Developer, Strategist, Activist, Professor, Writer, Artist, Parent, Vehicles for Social Change, Television Producer, Publisher, Technology Guru


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